About Shawn Boday


Shawn Boday is a business professional with experience in the technology and real estate industries. Throughout his career he has shown his passion for taking on new projects and dipping his toes into new endeavors is not something he is afraid to do. Graduating with a degree in computer science from the University of Washington, Shawn always knew that technology was his passion. His desire to work with computers helped him to initiate his first entrepreneurial venture. Starting Accretive Technology Group, over 15 years ago, Shawn Boday has dedicated his time to helping shape the technology world to the advancements it projects today. Throughout his career in technology, Shawn has helped to establish and implement various business concepts which help to demonstrate his versatility in technology. Some of the fields where Shawn thrives is live video streaming, collocated hosting, and detection of online fraud.

About 12 years ago, Shawn and his partner purchased a building, which inevitably opened the door for him in the real estate industry. The pair founded Perday LLC in 2005 and since then they have invested in various forms of real estate throughout the Pacific Northwest. Targeting areas such as Northern Idaho, Seattle, Cheney, and Spokane, Shawn Boday has created investments that stretch beyond what he ever imagined possible. Perday has an impressive portfolio with properties ranging from mid-size office buildings in downtown Seattle to apartment complexes with over 2,000 units.

When Shawn Boday isn’t wrapped up in his professional ventures, you can find him hitting the slopes of Crystal Mountain, playing online video games or on the golf course. Shawn is a massive fan of nature and its beautiful wonders. He is especially fond of the breathtaking scenery right in his backyard of Seattle.