About Shawn Boday


An accomplished entrepreneur and business owner, Shawn Boday currently serves as the CEO of Accretive Technology Group, a professional web development company based in Seattle, Washington. In his role with the company, Shawn Boday leads a team of more than 150 designers, developers, and network engineers in bringing networking solutions to millions of global customers daily. Among the company’s most significant accomplishments are its developments in high-definition video streaming services.

Apart from his work with Accretive Technology Group, Shawn Boday is an avid traveler who hopes to one day visit Antarctica. To date, he has traveled to almost every country in Europe, as well as many Caribbean islands. Boday enjoys visiting Disneyland in Anaheim, California, and Disney’s Aulani Resort in Hawaii with his wife and two daughters, and his favorite personal travel experience was a trip to Egypt, where he dove in the Red Sea and took a nighttime camel trek up Mount Sinai.