What to Consider When Hitting a Golf Ball Out of a Rough

Head of Accretive Technology Group, Inc., Shawn Boday spends his time away from work playing sports. In particular, Shawn Boday enjoys taking in a game of golf on his day off.

A challenging sport, golf requires patience, skill, and experience. Among the toughest obstacles a player must overcome is learning how to hit a ball efficiently out of a rough, or thick patch of grass. Not only is visibility of the ball a challenge, but generating enough power to lift the ball out of the rough effectively and back onto the green is an arduous task.

Players who find themselves in this predicament may opt for adding a club. For instance, a person may traditionally select a 9-iron to hit a ball that is 120 yards out from its target goal. However, because the ball is blocked in tall grass, that same player could compensate for resistance by choosing an 8-iron instead. Another useful approach for hitting a ball out of a rough is to play the ball in the middle of one’s stance. Swinging down on the ball, a player creates a pinching motion that lifts the golf ball high out of the grass and back on the green.


Published by

Shawn Boday

Shawn Boday is the Founder and President of Perday LLC, a real estate investment company based in Seattle, WA. In his free time Shawn enjoys snowboarding, water sports, philanthropic endeavors, and traveling.

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