Are You A Courageous Leader?

Leadership is a constant fight for what you stand for and what you seek to achieve for the betterment of yourself and the healthier whole. Do you have the self-trust to endure the journey? The belief in yourself not to be derailed by others who may doubt your intentions? The preparedness to stay the course or course-correct – and not lose faith, focus, and hope along the way? Leadership is about putting yourself to the test; knowing how much you can stretch your thinking and that of your colleagues, challenging your core beliefs during times of uncertainty, and staying true to yourself when the pressure seems insurmountable. As a leader, it’s about having the wisdom to know what your experiences have taught you. The greater your awareness, the more you’ll trust your gut and be brave enough to take action when the moment calls.

Source: Forbes – Forbes – Management.


Published by

Shawn Boday

Shawn Boday is the Founder and President of Perday LLC, a real estate investment company based in Seattle, WA. In his free time Shawn enjoys snowboarding, water sports, philanthropic endeavors, and traveling.

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