Things You Might Not Know About Make a Wish

Life-threatening illness is one of the ugliest life cycle events that we as humans encounter. These horrific medical conditions affect millions of people a year and the most heart wrenching is when it impacts a child. Though doctors do all that they to make the patient and family comfortable, sometimes medicine isn’t enough. Fortunately, there are good people in this world who founded organizations to help make happy memories during these wretched situations. Back in 1980 a young Arizona boy was diagnosed with Leukemia. His only dream was to be police officer so his community rallied together and helped him live out this dream before his time was up. This, was the beginning of the Make-A-Wish foundation.

This foundation has helped thousands of children fulfill their biggest wish before their time on this earth is cut too short. The foundation has spread to countries around the world with the hopes to make as many wishes come true as possible. Over the years they have granted a range of wishes from a child meeting their lifelong hero to allowing them to live out their ideal profession. Most of the world is familiar with the Make-A-Wish Foundation but there are some little known facts that most don’t know. Check them out:

1. Almost half of the wishes the organization grants has to do with Disney. Whether it is sending a child to one of the amusement parks or meeting one of the character, the Disney company has provided over 100,000 wishes to sick children in the past year. Make-A-Wish and Disney have a strong relationship and are both willing to do whatever possible to grant children their wish.

2. Some kids donate their wishes to other. Now doesn’t that just prove that even in the toughest situations, people are still good. One child who became eligible for a wish, took the opportunity to rent a food truck and provide staff and patients at the hospital he was being treated at with a delicious alternative to their regular meals.

3. There are only two wishes that the foundation is unable to fulfill. The first is taking a child hunting, for obvious safety reasons. The second, is that a child can not wish for unlimited wishes. As much as the foundation would love to do this, there are too many wishes to grant and not enough funds for all.

As you can see Make-A-Wish does more than just make a sick child happy for a few hours. They instill hope in these children that when they kick this illness to the curb, a bright future is out there for them. The memory of their wish coming true is something that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

If you are interested in learning more or donating to the Make-a-Wish Foundation, please consider clicking here.



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Tips For Marketing Your New Business

Because of today’s connected world via the Internet, it’s possible for nearly anyone to start their own business. The trick is running that business successfully for many years ahead. To stand out from the crowd, incorporate some of these tips for marketing your new business. Customers may be knocking on your virtual door in no time.

Keep Up With Content

Setting up a website and going live is a hurdle that may seem like a completed project. However, people in leadership roles within a company know that the website can’t be forgotten afterward. In fact, content should be constantly updated with fresh keywords and phrases. Updated content tells search engines that a site is viable and current. Your search-engine ranking moves up on the pages as business growth continues to improve.

Strike Up a Conversation

One of the best business tips is keeping up with socializing. Speak with vendors, customers and colleagues every day. These conversations can be in person, or they might be virtual comments. Use website chats, social media and other outlets to show off your leadership in the industry along with a humble, corporate personality. These conversations should always be cordial and full of information. Consider each exchange to be a form of marketing that can pay off in the end.

Set Up Email Blasts

Collect email addresses everywhere that you go so that newsletters can be part of your marketing strategy. Don’t overwhelm the recipients with emails, however. Weekly email blasts are often anticipated and appreciated when the information is timely and helpful. As far as business tips go, try to avoid sales-centered posts. Offer how-to information or testimonials about a subject matter. Your customers will be more engaged with the company when the emails aren’t centered around selling a product.

Encourage Reviews

Online reviews are strategic parts to marketing that come directly from the consumer. Encourage reviews with links to popular websites. When you have people advertising a product, brand or service for you, the marketing success is almost guaranteed. Respond to any negative remarks too. You want honest feedback to help your business thrive.

Business owners may want to hire marketing professionals as a strategy to improve the company, but most small establishments can’t support this payroll. Consider third-party companies that specialize in marketing and business growth. These professionals can improve a business’s reach without adding to the payroll. In little time, a business will grow exponentially across the nation.

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