Try Out A New Snowboarding Trick

Winter and snow may seem far away for some but for the most dedicated snowboarders, it is a year-round obsession. This means that they are constantly thinking about new tricks to try out whether the snow is right around the corner or still a few months away. So what are a few tricks of varying difficulty that snowboarders can dream about in the interim? That is exactly why the following list of three great tricks to try this season has been created. They are, in no particular order, as follows:

  • A Frontside Boardslide With A Backside Grab
  • A 180 Rewind
  • The Elbow Carve

A Frontside Boardslide With A Backside Grab

This trick will make one that may already be in most snowboarder’s arsenals that much better. Start with a standard frontside boardslide, then, as the rider is going across, they grab the underside of their board to add a flair to the standard practice. The difficulty of this trick can be raised by grinding down a rail instead which is sure to impress.

A 180 Rewind

The great thing about this trick is that you can make it as easy or as absolutely ridiculously hard as you want. The concept is simple. When you’re spinning and about to complete a full rotation such as a 360 or 720, you pull back and do a 180 the opposite way you were originally spinning. This will give the look that your trick has gone through a “rewind” of sorts and be sure to impress your friends and family. Start small with a single rotation and work your way up to a full 1080 once you’ve mastered the trick.

The Elbow Carve

This may be the simplest trick on this list to master but that doesn’t make it any less fun to do. To do an elbow carve, simply lean into the hillside and use your elbow as a fulcrum of sorts. You can then use your board to “carve” across the face of the mountain. Because this is a relatively easy trick, it’s always fun to add your own little flair to it to make it unique. This trick is perfect for snowboarders just starting out or for teaching young children.


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Hit the Slopes in the Southern Hemisphere

Winter sports enthusiasts who cannot wait until the cold weather strikes to have fun on the slopes, Southern Hemisphere countries are an option. For the 2018 season, resorts in the Argentinian and Chilian regions of the Andes opened as of May 31. New Zealand is another viable option.




From June well into September, guests have their choice of nine different ski resorts located along the Andes Mountains of Argentina. The resorts welcome skiers and snowboarders alike whether novice or expert. Private and group lessons are available if desired. In the event of a lack of snow, many locations employ the use of snow-making technology. Accommodation options range from budget-friendly hostels to five-star hotels. The facilities also offer medical clinics, restaurants, shopping options and special attractions.




The 14 winter sports resorts in Chile remain open until the end of October. The further south you go in the country, the more snow you will find at lower elevations. Snowboarders are bound to find the ideal location whether desiring a less congested destination or hoping for nighttime fun on the slopes. Along with accommodations, restaurants, and other typical amenities, some locations additionally offer equipment rentals. Valle Nevado remains the largest ski location in all of South America. The location offers 23,000 acres of skiable landscape along with four types of apartments, three hotels, eight restaurants and a ski shop.


New Zealand


New Zealand has 20 different ski locations scattered along the southern Alps. Potential guests need simply choose from seven mountain regions and find a resort that offers the accommodations and amenities that suit your needs. However, the largest skiable areas are found in and around Queenstown. The season typically spans from June through September. An abundance of snowfall enabled resorts to open earlier than usual. As of the end of June, seven resorts were welcoming skiers and snowboarders.




While the land down under is not typically equated with snow and skiing, the country does have nine different locations in New South Wales and Victoria that are open for the winter season. Various destinations have been lucky enough to acquire anywhere from 10 to 30 inches of fresh powder. The Perisher Ski Resort, the Thredbo Alpine Resort, and Charlotte Pass have the most snow thus far. Perisher is found in Kosciuszko National Park and remains the largest and most popular winter sports destination.


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5 Snowboarding Destinations to Visit in the Summer

When most people think about the summer, they often think about outdoor activities that involve wakeboards, mountain bikes, and hiking boots. But those people who can’t get enough of snowboarding, the winter isn’t enough time to enjoy the sport. Luckily, there are plenty of places where it’s possible to enjoy the winter sport all year round. Here’s a list of places to enjoy snowboarding in the summer.


Timberline Lodge & Ski Area


When people talk about year-round snowboarding, Mt. Hood is commonly mentioned. Mt. Hood is home to several summertime ski areas that include Timberline Ski Area and High Cascade. Visitors to this area are able to enjoy snowboarding from June first to Labor Day.


Blackcomb Glacier


Located in British Columbia, Blackcomb Glacier has something for everyone. Snowboarders can take advantage of the glacier skiing. Anyone who wants to enjoy summer activities can also enjoy. Blackcomb has several summer glacial camps for visitors to enjoy. The camps take places during the months of June and July.


Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre


Although the snow may not be real, Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre at Liberty University in Virginia is a great place for those who want to shred. At Liberty Mountain, visitors can enjoy 500 feet of lift-accessed vertical throughout the year. These slopes are ideal for people of all skill levels.


Mt. Ruapehu, New Zealand


Mt. Ruapehu has two ski areas, Turoa and Whakappa. Ruapehu is New Zealand’s largest ski resort. However, in comparison to most of the ski resorts, they are smaller in size. The two resorts combined are only 2,600 acres. Now, technically the ski resort is open during the Winter. However, anyone in the northern hemisphere will enjoy spending their summer skiing in New Zealand.


Valle Nevado


Anyone who has hit the slopes on the French Alps will enjoy Valle Nevado. This resort was built in Chile by the French in the 1980’s. It has more than 2,000 acres of terrain and more than a 12,041-foot vertical. The resort offers courses for all skill levels. Snowboarders who want to see the beautiful Andes Mountains will enjoy visiting Valle Nevado.


For some people, summer means hiking or spending time at the beach. While other people may long for a ski slope. Why limit snowboarding to winter when the sport can be enjoyed year-round? There are plenty of places for snowboarders to enjoy themselves during the summer in the U.S. and abroad.


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Things You Might Not Know About Make a Wish

Life-threatening illness is one of the ugliest life cycle events that we as humans encounter. These horrific medical conditions affect millions of people a year and the most heart wrenching is when it impacts a child. Though doctors do all that they to make the patient and family comfortable, sometimes medicine isn’t enough. Fortunately, there are good people in this world who founded organizations to help make happy memories during these wretched situations. Back in 1980 a young Arizona boy was diagnosed with Leukemia. His only dream was to be police officer so his community rallied together and helped him live out this dream before his time was up. This, was the beginning of the Make-A-Wish foundation.

This foundation has helped thousands of children fulfill their biggest wish before their time on this earth is cut too short. The foundation has spread to countries around the world with the hopes to make as many wishes come true as possible. Over the years they have granted a range of wishes from a child meeting their lifelong hero to allowing them to live out their ideal profession. Most of the world is familiar with the Make-A-Wish Foundation but there are some little known facts that most don’t know. Check them out:

1. Almost half of the wishes the organization grants has to do with Disney. Whether it is sending a child to one of the amusement parks or meeting one of the character, the Disney company has provided over 100,000 wishes to sick children in the past year. Make-A-Wish and Disney have a strong relationship and are both willing to do whatever possible to grant children their wish.

2. Some kids donate their wishes to other. Now doesn’t that just prove that even in the toughest situations, people are still good. One child who became eligible for a wish, took the opportunity to rent a food truck and provide staff and patients at the hospital he was being treated at with a delicious alternative to their regular meals.

3. There are only two wishes that the foundation is unable to fulfill. The first is taking a child hunting, for obvious safety reasons. The second, is that a child can not wish for unlimited wishes. As much as the foundation would love to do this, there are too many wishes to grant and not enough funds for all.

As you can see Make-A-Wish does more than just make a sick child happy for a few hours. They instill hope in these children that when they kick this illness to the curb, a bright future is out there for them. The memory of their wish coming true is something that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

If you are interested in learning more or donating to the Make-a-Wish Foundation, please consider clicking here.